Kreuz und Quer, 2009

Im Rahmen des Gartenfestivals Secret Garden in Kortrijk, Belgien

Secret Garden 09 Kortrijk is a new international biennale of temporary city gardens, designed by landscape-designers from different European countries. The gardens have been realized on existing sites in the city (‘friches’, small parks, parking lots, etc).
atelier le balto has been invited to choose a lot and develop a garden for it. We choose the
plot nearby the Kunst-Akademie, an Art school for children and adults and create Kreuz & Quer for it.
Hops and ipome are growing along iron-cable, creating lines in the space. The Liquidambar has been always there but look like just discovered. Visitors are now freely moving into this space and sit down and look up into the sky.

Kortrijk is a Belgian city located in the Flemish province West Flanders. With some 80.000 inhabitants it is the seventh largest city in the Flemish region.